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Travel Agent

Are you a professional in the tourism industry. Do you just need to find the facts …?

Travel Professional? Here are the facts about GTLM LimousinesThank you for your visit. If your work revolves around traveling we are interested to do business with you!Professional managers and driversOur drivers are professional and well trained and understand the importance of good customer…

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Help for Office Mngr’s

Do you Sometimes organize the transportation as part of your job? Do you need an effective partner …?
If you ever have to arrange limousine or a transfer service as part of your job, we will help you to cope with the task as painless as possible.
We will be your reliable partner which provides you with helpful advice whenever you need them, now and in the future, along with a fair tailored price…

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Outside Slovakia?

Are you outside of Slovakia. How can we help you?

We have clients all over the world!

Thank you for visiting our website. Because we went on-line many people and companies contact us from around the world. Many of them have become our clients. We currently have strong business relationships with clients around the world…

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Inexperienced Travel Organiser

Do you have no experience with ordering a transport? Do you need an advice …?
Inexperienced Travel Organiser?
If you have never organized limousine transport, we know that to call the limousine company for the first time can be a daunting task.There are many companies from which to choose.Will they help you develop your travel plans and provide you with helpful advice? Or simply process the sketchy information…

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