Inexperienced Travel Organiser

Inexperienced Travel Organiser

Do you have no experience with ordering a transport? Do you need an advice …?
Inexperienced Travel Organiser?
If you have never organized limousine transport, we know that to call the limousine company for the first time can be a daunting task.There are many companies from which to choose.Will they help you develop your travel plans and provide you with helpful advice? Or simply process the sketchy information that you provide and conjure up an approximate price?

You can be sure …

What requirements are needed? How long will the trip take? Who pays the driver meals? What insurance is required? Is it possible to make changes in the itinerary? What is the best way? How much luggage can we take? How many hours a driver can work?
You not know …

It can be confusing. And all you need are answers – reliable advice from people you can trust, and fair prices.
GT LIMO is a completely different company

Call our sales managers to +421 948 882 443 and you get really friendly, efficient and helpful personal service. We will not be irritated because you’re not quite sure what you want, or you do not have all your information immediately at hand. You are a client. You are doing us a favor to call us, not the other way around. We know that. And that is why we have a high level of personal service, good advice and value for money, you simply will not find anywhere else.
So what happens when you call?

When you call, we will listen carefully to your plan and ask questions for additional information. I’ll explain the different alternatives and make useful suggestions. We will make sure that we understand exactly what you have planned and we will send you a price by mail or tell you by telephone

No pressure, no obligation

Check the offer, think about it, and call us when you’re ready proceed. It’s that simple!

Now, please contact us! You’ll be glad you did so.

Phone: +421 948 882 443